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Villager Chelsea Solo
Villager Chelsea Solo

When it comes to heating your home efficiently and stylishly, Villager have over 40 years’ experience of setting new standards in excellence and craftsmanship.  Each stove passes through stringent individual tests and checks before it is allowed to leave the Villager workshop.  This is why Villager know you can be sure that when you buy a Villager stove, you buy the best and when Villager say their stoves are British-built, Villager mean it.  Once the raw material has arrived at their factory, everything else, right down to the door hinge is crafted on site.

Villager Multi-Fuel Stoves– All of Villager’s Multi-fuel Stoves with the exception of the ‘Puffin’, incorporate Villagers advanced cleaner burning airwash system, combining highly efficient fuel combustion with an airflow system to help keep the glass clean.  Most are supplied with a factory fitted riddling grate.

Villager Woodburning Stoves – Designed, built and finished to withstand the extremes of temperature, all of Villagers woodburning models incorporate primary and secondary air vents along with the cleaner burning airwash system to help to keep the glass clean.  These features combined with the lining and throat plate (found in all models) ensure complete fuel combustion, thus providing a good and well balanced heat store.

  • Villager 5 Duo

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