Stovax Stoves

Stovax Stoves

Welcome to Stovax, a company that has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of high quality, wood burning and multi-fuel stoves for nearly 30 years.  Today, Stovax is home to one of Europe’s leading ranges of stoves and fireplaces with models and colours to suit all types of interiors.

Stovax produce both Cast Iron stoves and Steel Stoves within their range of multi-fuel stoves and these are covered below.

Stovax Cast Iron Stoves – Every stove in this section is manufactured from cast iron.  This is the traditional way of making premium quality stoves due to the way iron diffuses heat.  Another advantage is that the iron can be cast more thickly in areas where greater strength is needed.  It also has sculptural qualities, allowing attractive designs to be cast into the stove panels.  One of the other benefits of a cast iron stove is the option of having an enamelled stove like the Stovax Brunel 1A, Brunel 2CB & Brunel 3CB and the Stovax Huntingdon 25, 28, 30, 35 & 40 which all have enamel colour options as well as the standard matt black finish.

Stovax Steel Stoves– Using cast iron for the airtight doors and main firebox components and heavy gauge steel for the body, the Stovax Stockton and View stove ranges combine the advantages of both steel and cast iron to produce exceptional performance, control over combustion and value for money.

The Stovax Stockton range offers eight different sizes from the smallest Stovax Stockton 3 to the largest Stovax Stockton 11, each available in four colours, and some models having a further choice of door styles and canopies, there is a Stockton stove to suit any home.  Furthermore, there are inset versions like the Stovax Stockton 7 Inset, double sided versions of the Stockton 8 & 11 and even boiler versions  like the new Stovax Stockton 14HB.

The Stovax View Stoves are the latest additions to the Stovax ranges.  Available in a choice of three freestanding sizes the Stovax View 3, 5 & 8, the View offers high efficiency heating in ultimate style – perfect for more contemporary homes!  You can even achieve whole house heating if you opt for a View 8 High Output boiler version, with the capability of supplying up to nine radiators as well as providing a cosy warmth to the room it is situated in.

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