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Esse 100 Log Store
Esse 100 Log Store

Esse’s factory on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales is steeped in stove building history and it is here at the Ouzledale Works where every Esse stove is born.  Esse have an on site museum that bears testament to their unrivalled heritage.

Every Esse stove is made by people who understand stoves, who understand what it means to rely on a stove in a demanding and remote, rural location.  Who know how to work skilfully with metals to produce thoroughbred stoves that proform exceptionally well.  Stoves that can stand continual thermal shock year after year.  Stoves that are hand built to last a lifetime.

Every Esse stove can trace its ancestry all the way back to 1854.  Now as then they represent the very best in stove design and capability.  The knowledge acquired over 150 years is used daily and it is Esse’s on going quest to develpo new products and enhancements that continue to improve the enjoyment, reliability and efficiency which generations of Esse people have experienced.

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