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Dunsley Yorkshire
Dunsley Yorkshire

Dunsley produce 2 different ranges of steel bodied stoves, the Highlander stoves and the new high effeicency Yorkshire stoves.

The Dunsley Highlander stoves start with the Highlander 3 which produces up to 3.3kW and goes up the the much larger Highlander 10 with a maximum heat output of 10kW.  All Highlander stoves offer the option of a boiler to run hotwater or central heating, contact us to find out which of these models would be most suitable for you installation.

The Dunsley Yorkshire works a little differently to ordinary stoves – In ordinary stoves, air comes up beneath the fuel, so that smoke (which is tiny particles of unburnt fuel), heat and and waste gases are thrown from the top of the fuel into the chimney.  The Yorkshire is different – air enters above the fuel, sweeping in front of the window, forcing smoke down into the hottest part of the fire and on into a refactory-lined ‘afterburn’ chamber.  Highly turbulent air is introduced to the hot smoke , which ignites generating temperatures of up to 1100 Deg C.  The result is not just near-zero smoke emission, but greatly improved efficiency, virtually instant controllability and a truly astonishing swirling flame pattern.

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