ACR Stoves

ACR Heat Products have used their 25 years worth of stove knowledge to design their own range of multifuel stoves.  ACR have now moved forward into the multifuel stove market with the launch of the Earlswood, Earlswood LS, Hopwood, Malvern, Malvern LS, Buxton, Buxton LS and Astwood stoves.  All of these models are DEFRA approved allowing you to burn wood in smoke controlled areas.  Options available include the Malvern with Pedestal, Malvern with Long Legs & Buxton with Long Legs.

New to the ACR range are the contemporary Neo multifuel stoves Neo 1C, Neo 1P, Neo 3C, Neo 3P, Neo 1W and Neo 3W.

The New ACR Solis.