Stanley Cookers

Stanley Brandon in Cream

At the heart of your home, we know that your Stanley is more than just part of your kitchen… it’s part of your life.  Step into a Stanley home; kettle simmering, freshly baked bread straight from the range, warmth from the kitchen; a feeling of comfort.

Stanley’s oil range cookers have been designed so that you can enjoy all the authentic features of a stanley with the simplicity and ease that your lifestyle requires.  Controlled performance, efficiency at your fingertips, traditional craftsm,anship and contemporary design all combine to make Stanley the modern choice for today’s busy family home.

The Stanley Brandon is the ultimate range cooker for style and precision control.  A beautifully designed statement at the heart of your kitchen combined with the majestic presence of stanley mean the brandon strikes the perfect chord between past and present.  Every detail of the the Stanley Brandon has been tailored for today’s busy family home.  It heats up to 20 standard radiators and is also compatible with underfloor and zone control heating.  Central heating, hot water and cooking are controlled individually for even more efficiency.

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