Rayburn Cookers

For more than 60 Years Rayburn has been leading the field in central-heating range cookers.  Iconic design, absolute reliability and flexibiliy ansure today’s Rayburn remians extremely popular and more importantly, relevant to today’s hectic home.
Rayburns were originally made at Rayburns historic foundry in Coalbrookdale, on the same site where Abraham Darby discovered the casting process that started the Industrial Revoloution.

Today, Rayburn iron masters continue those traditions of skilled craftsmanship and each Rayburn is produced with genuine pride.  From the skilled casting of molton iron and the vitreous enamelling to the hand assembly, each Rayburn is built with reassuring attention to the smallest detail.
With wood-burning Rayburns, biofuel-enabled models and those that can be intergrated with Rayburn solar systems, there’s neer been a better time to own a Rayburn.  And, because it costs far less to run a Rayburn than comparable, separate cooking and heating systems., it’s good for your budget too.
So if you love a warm house, good food and abundant hot water, there’s a Rayburn for you.
Rayburn Solid Fuel & Wood Burning Models – 200 SFW, 212 SFW, 216 SFW & 355 SFW
Rayburn Oil Models – 308 K, 400 K, 440 K460 K480 K, 499 K, 600 K, 660 K, 680 K, 680 KCD, 699 K
Rayburn Gas Models – 480 AL, 480 AG, 480 CD
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