Esse Cookers

Esse master stove maker since 1854

Thankfully it is not possible to mass produce an Esse cast iron range cooker.  Esse take pride in maintaining the time honoured process of design, enamelling and hand building our range cookers whilst embracing new technology to ensure Esse’s products remain economical and efficient.  In an Esse you have a Great British cast iron range that has stood the test of time longer than any other through a process of continuous improvement.

Esse produce wood burning, Gas, and Electric cookers as listed below.

Wood burning cookers with the Esse Ironheart, 905 WN, 990WN990 CH & Plus 1.

Gas cookers with the Esse CAT & The Gas Ironheart.

Electric cookers with the Esse 13 AMP, Ec4I & Esse Plus 2.

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