Created with German Engineering, the LANDMANN brand has set new standards and inspires barbecuers through its innovative products. A range that offers traditional, high quality workmanship, modern design and user friendly functionality, great sociable barbecuing experiences.

Landmann’s masonry barbecues will give your garden a Mediterranean look and feel which will be the envy of your neighbours. Made from a concrete mix and delivered in component form, these barbecues are self assembly and are considerably heavier and larger than your typical charcoal barbecue. A masonry barbecue can become the focal point for your garden and for any social occasion.

Gas barbecues are attracting a steadily increasing legion of fans. The LANDMANN product range includes product lines whose sophisticated technology, extensive features and attractive design even inspire ambitious fanatics

Patio style barbecues are ideal for consumers who have a limited budget or a small amount of space. Most of the patio barbecues can cater for up to 4 persons.

The right “tool” makes all the difference. What use is the best barbecue if the necessary accessories are missing or inadequate. Landmann’s pizza stone set comprising of pizza stone, large pizza turner with foldable handle and pizza slicer offers excellent value for money.  Can be used on charcoal or gas barbecues and cleaned quickly and easily.  Ideal for preparing stone baked pizza, tarte flambee and bread.

Lanmann’s Grillpad is an easy-lite instant charcoal pack, simply place the unopened bag onto the charcoal grid and light the corners of the bag.  With the convenience of the product already soaked in lighting fluid there is no need for additional lighting aids. Ready for barbecuing in 15 minutes.