Esse Flueless Gas Fires

Esse Firewall 41" Widescreen

Esse Firewall 

First and foremost, Flueless gas fires & Stoves are the most efficient type of gas fire available as 100% of all the heat produced is either convected or radiated into the room.  As no flue is required you have more freedom to position your fire as you are not restricted by flue or chimney position.

Firewall is the slim profile, wall mounted flueless gas fire.  Firewall incorporates flueless technology which gives you the freedom to ‘hang’ the fire where  it suits you without the restrictions of flues or chimneys.  The burner creates a flame pattern across the width of the fire window over a bed of glowing embers.  The burner is exclusive to Esse.  Every Esse burner is made in England and tested before it leaves the factory. 

Firewall is available for both natural gas and LPG, with remote control as standard and a choice of sizes.  Firewall is available an a contemporary black glass finish in a choice of three sizes – 39″ portrait, 41″ widescreen and 48″ extra widescreen.  Firewalls are measured corner to corner in inches just like a television.

With the Esse Firewall being 100% effiecient no heat is lost up a flue or chimney as would would be with a decorative fire with a flue.  The result is lower gas use and lower running costs.  Firewall has a single layer of ceramic glass covering the firebox, this allows radiant heat to pass directly through into the room.  Heat also rises from the top of the fire to warm the whole room through convection.

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