Minsterstone Fireplaces

Minsterstone has been producing fireplaces for over 80 years so you can be confident your choice is backed up by Minsterstone’s long established reputation.

Minster Fireplaces are available in 30 main designs with many variations in a theme  giving approximately 90 choices of fireplaces.  But you don’t have to be limited by what you see in their brochure.

All Minsterstone designs can be customised to your particular needs, or can be made to your own particular design if you wish.  What you have as a standard is the choice of design from Minsterstone’s range, the choice of stone and finish, whether rubbed or tooled and, where alternatives are available, a choice of size.

Minsterstone fireplaces has the capacity for burning solid fuel, wood and coal, indeed was designed to do so, long before the advent of gas fires.

Individual customisation such as a change or addition of a shelf, increased depth of recess, change of height or projection of hearth can be accommodated in most models.  Your choice of fireplace will be made for you in the way you want it.

Follow this link to the Minsterstone website